Cosmetic dentistry in Buenos Aires

Have you been neglecting your teeth? Or looking to have some dental work in another country? Well, after a year of living in Australia where dental care is absolutely ridiculously priced I had been. However, now it seemed the time had come to finally find a dentist and do something about it. I had never been to a dentist in a foreign country and after one year of neglect I wasn’t looking forward to it.

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I typed “English speaking dentist” into google and the first entry was DAS clinic in the relatively upmarket area in Recoleta. They specialise in cosmetic dentistry but also have appointments for regular check ups and maintenance. I managed to book an appointment online for a dental check with x-ray for 120 Argentine pesos. The dental clinic was relatively difficult to find as there were no markings on the door outside. With a little trepidation I headed up in the elevator to the third floor. The reception was well presented and I was relieved to find that when I went into the actual dental surgery was very modern and up to date. After a few minutes the charismatic Dr Gustavo Telo came in to expect my teeth. After efficiently inspecting each of my teeth he told me that a 360 degree x-ray would be needed to acertain if any cavities had occurred underneath my fillings. The x-ray machine was perhaps one of the most modern I had seen and I had to restrain a chuckle as the sound of elevator music filled my ears as the machine whirred around. Clearly the manufacturers thought that people could not live without some kind of entertainment, even for the thirty seconds it took for the machine to do it’s job. I was asked to take a seat in the waiting room while they assessed what treatment was needed.

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As I sat in the waiting room watching Anthony Bourdain eat his way through every delight Hong Kong had to offer, I felt in secure hands. Now I was worried about what the damage to wallet would be. As I headed through in Dr Gustavo Telo’s office I was met with more high tech gadgetry as he used his mac to show me on the big screen exactly what needed to be done to my teeth. I’m pretty sure that anyone who has ever seen their teeth blown up onto a forty-two inch screen will agree with me that it is a disturbing experience. I needed to have six filling done done (yes-ouch) and on top of that he suggested that perhaps my wisdom teeth needed to be removed. I agreed to have the basic work done first and then I would assess if I wanted to do the rest later.

So, a few days later I returned for my next appointment. No waiting times here. I was a little surprised to find that It wasn’t Dr Gustavo who would be doing my fillings but rather another lovely female dentist Dr Marisol Telo, whose English was a little patchier but understandable and we had no problem communicating with a mixture of her English and my Spanish, which was certainly much much worse!  As I settled down into the chair I was reassured when I didn’t feel any pain and the procedure was relatively painless. In fact, her work was very gentle and proficient  and I soon relaxed. It turned out, however, to be the biggest filling of my life and I spent over six hours in the chair. At the end of the session both the dentist and I were feeling somewhat frazzled.

I returned another three times over the course of the next few weeks and only once did I have a problem when I got lockjaw from having my mouth open for so long. I was in agony and couldn’t eat anything more than soup for around 6 days. I returned to Dr Gustavo as I was worried that there was something seriously wrong. He saw me for free and he checked everything and prescribed some anti-inflammatories and everything was dealt with in a very proficient and professional manner. The result of the five fillings was, I have to say beautiful, and compared with the fillings I had done in the UK were works of art. On one of the fillings, which was very deep, I also had a porcelain overlay and this too is looking beautiful. I can’t comment on the longevity of the work as I have only had them for around a month but so far there have been no problems.

All in all I had a pleasant experience at DAS dental I found them to be professional and efficient. The final result was beautiful looking teeth and I would trust them in the future and  recommend them to anyone looking to have either cosmetic dentistry in Buenos Aires or someone who is looking for a regular dentist.

Have you had any experiences of Dentists abroad? I’d love to hear them.


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  1. Dagmar says: Reply

    I haven’t had any experience with dentists abroad, but I did visit a doctor a couple of times. The clinic I went to was rather ugly, but the people were nice and efficient, and it was always inexpensive (nothing compared to what we pay in Germany).
    My husband (from Buenos Aires) now had to visit a dentist here in Germany to have his wisdom teeth taken out, and the dentist spoke English, and my husband was very happy with his work.

    1. admin says: Reply

      Yes, I have visited hospitals in a few different countries now and I think the treatment varies so widely! In terms of dentists I have only visited one and was really happy. I heard that the dental treatment in Germany was very good! Actually I think the standard of dental care in the UK is not so good when we compare with many other countries.

      1. Sherry says: Reply

        Please be cautious of going to Dr. Telo’s office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I now have to see two specialists here in the USA to fix the damages that Dr. Telo did during my dental implant procedure. He may be good at cleaning teeth or placing in a veneer, however he has no business placing in implants and he is not trained in this field however he is lured by the money that dental implants produce. A complete disregard the profession and no apologies. He said that I imagined this problem. See more details

        Dr. Telo placed implant #29 four to five mm below the crest of my jaw bone. He just kept drilling and didn’t know when to stop! I now need restorative treatment.

        Implant #20 had a loose healing cap and there is not enough space to place in a tooth. Implant #10 exteded next to a healthy tooth and the apex of that healthy tooth was damaged. My natural tooth #24 had to be extracted and restorative treatment has to be done. Implant #10 was too narrow to allow for a properly fitting crown and for good gingival health. #10 is also fenestrated and the loss of bone also affected my healthy tooth #9. I had to go to a periodontist in the USA who is now taking care of the MESS and DAMAGE that Dr Telo has done.

        Anyone considering any dental implants with Dr. Telo in Buenos Aires, should reconsider. In addition dental implants have become affordable in the USA. It would have been cheaper for me to do in the USA since I would have ended up paying Dr. Telo $8,000 USA dollars had I completed treatment with him. I have now spent an additional $7,000 just to fix up the damages here in the USA.

        1. Wow- that’s terrible! I’m sorry to hear it…compared with the other dentists in Buenos Aires I felt that he was fine but I only had fillings and a crown done.

  2. JackW says: Reply

    Had to write this comment as a thank you to Dr. Telo dental office. Been going to Dr. Telo for about 5 years now and he’s always taken good care of my teeth.

    I had many dental implants, crowns and veneers, and never had a problem.
    Facilities are always well maintained, and he has the latest tech in his practice.

    Also great staff.

    I’m more sensitive than others patients when it comes to dental care and he always takes that into account when I’m having dental work done.

    Very satisfying!

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