New Year’s resolutions 2012

So, now it is the end of the year and the time to make those pesky new year’s resolutions. I have fond memories of the last post that I wrote like this when I spent new year in China and I spent some time contemplating my future. I am happy to say that most of my predictions for myself came true and I am happy to say that I am in a pretty contented place right now.

This past year has certainly been eventful and I have managed to cross three continents in my search for adventure:


I went Panning for gold in a mine near Melbourne…and hit the jackpot!….






I went Sand boarding on some of the worlds biggest dunes in Port Stephens….







faced the giant mortadella sandwich in Sao Paulo…..








overcame my fear of the “ferryboats” and got engaged in front of a glacier in Patagonia…..







Had a too close for comfort encounter with a Coati and stood on top of the tallest waterfall in the world in Missiones








What does the future hold?…Well I have already been planning…

edinburgh-calton-hill-ss98074637.ashx disneyland-meditation 2741_salvador-de-bahia-6 image03 Rio-de-Janeiro-statue details_photographsV2_1_imageWide Already there are plans in place for an epic Brazilian adventure to one of the most beautiful Islands in  Brazil — -Florianopolis for beaches, Caipirinhas and fun and then on to Salvador which is the home of capoeira, candombe and where, hopefully, I will be able to get my first lesson in playing the atabaque (one of the items on my bucket list) After that we plan on visiting the Christ in Rio and getting married on Morro de Sao Paulo. Also on the cards later in the year is a trip to Disneyland with my new husband and my family who I haven’t seen now in two years!

I guess kind of most importantly this will be the year that I return to Scotland and I am doing so with mixed feelings. While my time in South America has had some awesome highs and lows I will be leaving with the general feeling and understanding that there are places in the world that have levels of violence and poverty that are astounding and places that make me appreciate the life that it is possible to have in Scotland. On one hand I am looking forward to starting a life with my husband back in Scotland, the chance to develop our future and our lives, visiting some of the places closer to home that I haven’t yet and making some progress on the Items on the bucket list but also… honestly, I’m scared of stagnation and boredom. I have been travelling now for nearly three years. I have experienced good things, bad things and also mediocre things…but returning to Scotland makes me afraid of experiencing nothing. I think I might miss the constant stimulation that I get from travelling…everyone will be speaking English, everyone will have a 9-5 jobs, everyone will spend their Friday nights in the local pub. What about my wanderlust? What will happen to that?

Well, my goals for Scotland, apart from crying about the bad weather are to make some progress in other areas of my life – professionally, creatively and of course with a little bit of travel thrown in for good measure. I already have my sights set on some creative courses in Illustration and printmaking, I want to continue what I have started here and in Australia with my Yoga and pilates classes and of course I want to keep working on my never-ending list of languages to learn…and…well I’m not sure there will be too much time for anything else.

Hopefully the next year will find me fulfilling some of these long-held dreams and continuing along the path of life and enjoying the journey as I go.



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  1. And complain of bad weather – you shall! Forevermore! I get your fear of stagnation, but there are loads of things to get involved in, and loads of places to see. I mean, I had low expectations for the Fraserburgh Lighthouse Museum, but I was pleasantly surprised! 😉 Plus, when you’re furthering your career here, you can make sure you keep some aside for holidays. Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. admin says: Reply

      I shall add Fraserburgh lighthouse museum to my must-see list 😉

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